Crossner Art & Deco arranges various cultural events where creation and art are central in order to arouse art interest in the younger generation. Our wish is for more young people to open their eyes to art and, above all, unique oil and acrylic paintings. It is an unbeatable feeling to be able to enjoy a work of art in your home, feel the scent, the structure as the fingers dance over the painting, but above all the impression and the emotions that are conveyed.

"My driving force is that as many as possible should have the opportunity to own their own art - not least the younger generation who often have not been given the opportunity or advice to own a unique work of art. For this gallery in Vänge, I have collected art from various artists around Europe who play with colors that are colorful and expressive. My hope is that the viewer sees the exhibition as interesting and exciting but also easy to consume both as an exhibition and at cost".
Sara Crossner - gallery owner

Who we are and what we want to achieve.